ARP Office

ARP office is a small multidisciplinary work space. A series of projects are conducted here that are led by temporary workers who are to be stationed here in the office temporarily. Therefore, this office is not designed according standards of specialty requirement but it is more of inviting core targeting a variety of professionals. This unit is located on the 6th floor and has privileged views of Tehran and its northern mountains.


The design process was very simple and it is derived by impermanence of individual’s work place and its flexibility, interchangeability of speech privacy, and appeal to employees.


The employees are free to decide where to work (anywhere within Tehran). Therefore, the main feature of this office, the “communal working table”, exists to be used at one’s convenience. For instance, when the working conditions at their home is not desirable or they need a place to boost their productivity or simply when they need a change of scenery. The spectacular view of this office unit is fully present in of the spaces.





Status: Built

Area: 80 m²

Year: 2018

Design Partner: Ali Ravanpak

Photographs: Hamed Farhangi,

 Mona Soleimani




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